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Monographic pages dedicated to comment in detail a selection of cómics of the USA, Japan, Europe and Spain and Argentina. Of the commercial thing to the “alternative thing”, examples of sorts, formats and tendencies for all the pleasures.

Spanish authors

Everything on authors of cómic of our country: cards (with biography, bibliography and gallery), interviews, guide of new features, I connect and blog.


Guide of the stores specialized in cómic that there is in Spain.


Guide of the contests of cómic that are celebrated in Spain.


Interviews: Max, Manel Fontdevila, Miguel Angel Martin, Alpaca Palace or Alpaca Rock, are some of the last interviews published in Guide of cómic.
Guide of cómic in Facebook
First data on the Hall the Cómic of Barcelona 2009: confirmed guests, exhibitions, name to the prizes…

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“An essential space in Spanish (...), hoards exhaustive and rigorous information on the main landmarks of the graphical novel.”
-- newspaper the Country (3/febrero/2007, I supplement Babelia), on Guide of cómic

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