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“The despollado horseman”

Norberto Fernandez (Pontevedra, 1967) is a strip cartoonist of self-taught formation, whose vocation by the drawing and cómic in particular takes to him in 1998 to leave its work in “a banking organization good remunerated” - in its own words to dedicate itself to dedicate itself professionally to cómic. Since then it has come publishing regularly, being his works more extensive and known his collaborations in two magazines from antagonistic comic strips: the infantile head in Gallego Golfiño and monthly the erotic-pornographic Eros Comix, having itself published two recopilatorios albums of its works for this last one. Its work is characterized by a felt individual of humor, and in the graph, by its predilection by the feminine figure and the ease of use of caricaturescos personages (animal even anthropomorphic) it requires when it. 


- (01) Page of Golfiño, the series Or Castelo Regadeira.
- (02) Emblem of Kings Elfos: Histories of Faerie.
- (03) and (04) Emblem and sequence of Erika, the fianc2ee of the dark (it includes naked, but sex nonscenes).


Benevolent fables
The despollado horseman
Erika, the fianc2ee of the dark (2007)
Quattrocento Vol.2 #1

Benevolent fables (Kaleidoskope, 1999). Comic-book 16 pgs b/n, 17x24 cm, with two short comic strips, as a fables, “Safrón the lion” and “the tree of the talkative caretos”.

The despollado horseman (Publishing Dolmen, 2003). Album 64 pgs b/n, that seems that it did not have very good distribution (servant has not gotten to see a printed unit). Erotic Cómic with environment adjustment of heroic fantasy, published previously by deliveries in Eros Comix.

Quattrocento (Bowl 2) #1 (Publishing Dolmen, abril/2007). Script and drawing of Norberto Fernandez. Cómic 64 pgs b/n, with staple, size magazine (21,5x28 cm). Special that compiles four short comic strips of different realized sorts, all of 11 pgs of extension plus one portadilla. The comic strips are “the laughter of the panic”, “The supercabrón adventures”, “I fell in love with a girl rarita very”, and “the superhero, anecdote catapult” that are incriben in the sorts of terror, Romance and heroic fantasy, but all of a way very “sui generis”, with the personal touch of the author. Thus, for example, in The Supercabron adventures”, the protagonists are animal anthropomorphic, and in “the anecdote of catapult” the all the personages they speak in verse. The special one completes with an interview with the author (6 pgs) and one short comic strip (“the dangers at night”, 7 pgs realized in 1998, where a youngster is with a vampire, several boy-wolf and a zombie) that was published originally in the Viper years ago.

Erika, the fianc2ee of the dark (Publishing Dolmen, abril/2007). Script and drawing of Norberto Fernandez. Album 48 pgs color, covers soft, so large 20x27 cm. Eros Collection #4. Compilation of the series published by deliveries in the magazine Eros Comix. It includes comic strips (all of 7 pgs) “of vampira sex”, “Tocamientos”, “”, “Flows”, “penetáculo Orgasmos further on ghostly of the Ouija” and “dust of Lady Godiva”, all realized by the author between 2005 and 2006.
     One is cómic erotic-pornographic that narrates the sexual eventful journeys between a young person who works in an undertaker and a gothic girl something “rarita” become fond of to the occultism and the supernatural thing, to that knows when is it in the floor that finishes renting, that until then the girl used for its “rituals” and likings. From there, it both narrates the sexual episodes of personages, always with a humor touch and introducing the “likings” of the girl in histories.

Magazines, anthologies and press

Daily Atlantic. It publishes the press strips “Forest Hill” and “Guinsy”, with scripts of Carlos Portela.

Golfiño (2000-2004). During almost the one hundred numbers that were published of this infantile magazine in Gallego, Norberto was one of the fixed authors in the head, for whom it realized the series “Or Castelo Regadeira”, “Percy and Marionetti” (with script of David Gundín), and “Golfiña”.

Penthouse Comix. It has published some short comic strip in this magazine, but we do not have data of the exact numbers or dates of edition.

The Viper. It publishes some autoconclusivas short comic strips, and the series “Broz”.

Eros Comix #39

Eros Comix (Publishing Dolmen). Habitual fixed author of this erotic-pornographic comic strip magazine, for which the despollado horseman has realized the series “”, “When the timbre sounds”, “Ines and the affectionate thief” (6 chapters, #31-36), “Celebration of pajamas” (#37-38, who we have confirmed), “Erika the fianc2ee of the dark” (#52-55, 57 and 60-62, that we have confirmed) and “Morbita Contour, sketcher of pornographic”. Also he realizes with frequencies carried for the magazine. Their comic strips for Eros Comix are characterized to be always dealt with a characteristic sense of humor, Picardy and certain doses of tenderness (with certain frequency, the personages protagonists fall in love and/or end up finding even sentimental throughout the series), and so within the inescapable requirements of the sort, he tries to contribute certain personal touch to his comic strips. Like curiosity, to comment that in its more recent series, being useful than it is acclimated in the industry of cómic, is useful to introduce like very recognizable personages to parodias of its publishers.

Kings Elfos: Histories of Faerie (Publishing Dolmen, 2006). Anthology where different authors draw short comic strips with the personages of the series Holy Kings Elfos de Victor. Norberto Fernandez draws the comic strip “the Odyssey of Glirenn”, on scripts of Saints.


- Card of the author in Galega Culture.
- Interview with the author (6 pgs) in Quattrocento (Year 2) #1 (2007). An extract of the interview can be read here, next to an advance of cómic.

Texts and compilation of Mountain Jose A. Page created in August of 2007.

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